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Overmolded Steel & Urethane Seals Manufacturing

Overmolded Steel & Urethane Piston Seals Manufacturing

Bermar Associates, Inc. manufactured multiple sizes of overmolded steel and urethane seals for the materials-handling industry. These seals are used in pneumatic applications.

The process involved several stages. Customer-supplied steel plates are lightly sandblasted with 400-600 grit material to produce a matte-surface finish. Then, the plates are cleaned and primed, followed by the application of an adhesive. The treated plates are heated in an oven to activate the adhesive for the injection molding process. The final stage requires overmolding the plates with urethane.

A 1-cavity mold was built for each size, including 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch parts. Depending on the size, the finished seals measure .875 – 1.1 inches in height with a material thickness ranging from .125 – .3 of an inch. The seals weigh between 1 – 4 pounds.

The fully-manufactured seals are bulk packed in cartons and shipped to the client facility within a 1 – 2 week delivery period. Successfully meeting ISO per print specifications and fulfilling our client’s expectations for quality, we manufacture 100 – 500 seals per order.


Overmolded Steel & Urethane Seals Manufacturing Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes:Injection Molded
Tightest Tolerance:+/- .005"
Material Thickness:.125 - .300"
Product Length:6" - 10" Diameter
Product Width:6" - 10"
Product Height:.875" - 1.100"
Product Weight:1 - 4 lbs.
Shot Size:8 oz. - 32 oz.
Shrinkage Allowance:.014 per inch
Maximum Clamping Force:200 - 350 ton
Number of Cavities:1 cavity
Surface Roughness:400 - 600 Grit/Light Sandblast
Cutting Method:CNC Machining Center
Temperature Range100º - 250º F
Base Material:P-20 Steel
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powder coating/painting):Adhesive .010"
Material Used:Adhesive to Steel Plate and 70A Urethane
Color:Blue & Black
Material Finish:Matte
Packaging:Bulk Pack in Cartons
Special Feature:Over Molding
Secondary Operations Applied:Sandblasting, application of adhesive and heated in oven
Industry for Use:Automotive, Industrial
Volume:100 pc. to 500 pc.
Delivery Time:1-2 weeks
Standards Met:ISO per print requirement
Product Name:Piston Seal
Drawing Type Accepted:IGS, DWG, AutoCAD, DXF
Product Description:Seal for Pneumatic Hoist

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